Sunday, 23 February 2014

Girls being stereotyped

Girls being stereotyped

Explain what a Stereotype is..

A stereotype is the way we see people. It can be by the way they look, think, act. Girls who are represented in the media are being judged on everything that they are, it can either affect them badly or positively.

Say how and why we stereotype..

We stereotype because the media influences what we should think about these people. For example girls are represented in the media by if their hair colour is blonde they are stereotyped as dumb which is a negative representation but if they are stereotyped as smart because they wear glasses it can be a positive representation. We stereotype because what people say and their opinions it can be either good or bad stereotypes.

Briefly explain why the media uses stereotypes..

The media uses stereotypes to inform us about what different "groups" of people are like. It helps us
see how other people act. Media stereotype people for easy recognition so that the audience can automatically understand what the character will be like by the representation they are showing.

Pitch Perfect Stereotypes


In media we are watching a movie called "Pitch perfect." It is about a girl named Beca who is starting college and joins an acapella/choir group called the Bella's. In media our assignment is to write about two characters who are stereotyped in this movie and how they represent teenage girls. I am doing Beca and Fat Amy who both join the acapella group called The Bella's, I think they are both good examples of how teenage girls are represented in the media.

BECA- Beca is the main character who is represented in this movie to be a Emo alternative girl who is also a loner. We see this at the start of the scene when she hops out of the car herself and refuses any help from other people trying to get her settled into her college room e.g.- taking her bag for her, and when she cant seem to get on with her room mate Kimmy Gin. Beca wears black accessories such as black nail polish and black eye make up which make her look like a stereotypical Emo. Beca is very alternative as she only wants to become a famous DJ when she's older and is only going to college so her Dad will pay for her flight to New York to become a DJ. All of these things (Emo, loner and alternative) are a representation of Beca as a teenage girl. Beca doesn't care what people say about her and is very sassy and bitchy to people at times which shows that she's moody which makes us think stereotypical Emo again. I think by seeing this society will have a negative representation of teenage girls because they will think just by looking at Bella that the majority of teenage girls are bitchy and sassy and do take longer to make friends then boys because they put this wall up. Society will also think teenage girls have to be pretty to be popular because Beca ends up changing a bit and becomes more feminine instead of this Emo looking girl who doesn't have friends mostly because of her look and that representation is shown so much in the media today.  I think making Beca this stereotypical Emo alternative loner girl is a positive and negative representation for affecting teenage girls because its showing us that if your different and like looking different you wont make a lot of friends because your not like them or if teenage girls want to be different they are labelled as Emo's when they are just trying to be their own individuals. Beca has to change her look and become more feminine and not be so opinionated which the media represents in teenage girls in order to become friends with the Bella's and be in a clique.

FAT AMY- Fat Amy is represented as the fat funny girl that we laugh at of the choir/acapella group, but instead of Fat Amy being self conscious of her weight and being shy she is completely different, and is aware of her weight and confident that's why she calls herself Fat Amy "so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back."  Fat Amy doesn't let other peoples opinions about how she is affect her and Fat Amy can make fun of her weight and of herself, unlike most represented teenage fat girls who are stereotyped in the media, and try not to get involved in a big group because they are insecure about themselves. Therefore Fat Amy's representation that I see is not all together close to reality in our society because of media pressure. Some girls feel like they have to be skinny to be pretty and don't always show as much confidence as Fat Amy so I don't think this stereotype will change society's minds about Fat people.  I think this is a positive representation of Fat Amy being a stereotypical fat girl because it shows other girls that even if they are bigger they don't have to be insecure and not be confident about themselves, Fat Amy clearly shows us she is represented as a teenager different all together being the "Fat Girl" but who doesn't let her weight determine who she is.