Sunday, 23 February 2014

Girls being stereotyped

Girls being stereotyped

Explain what a Stereotype is..

A stereotype is the way we see people. It can be by the way they look, think, act. Girls who are represented in the media are being judged on everything that they are, it can either affect them badly or positively.

Say how and why we stereotype..

We stereotype because the media influences what we should think about these people. For example girls are represented in the media by if their hair colour is blonde they are stereotyped as dumb which is a negative representation but if they are stereotyped as smart because they wear glasses it can be a positive representation. We stereotype because what people say and their opinions it can be either good or bad stereotypes.

Briefly explain why the media uses stereotypes..

The media uses stereotypes to inform us about what different "groups" of people are like. It helps us
see how other people act. Media stereotype people for easy recognition so that the audience can automatically understand what the character will be like by the representation they are showing.

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  1. Libby you say we stereotype because of the media but what else has shaped your assumptions about people?
    I'm looking forward to your Pitch Perfect post!